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Roundtables are confidential, honest, peer-driven, industry exclusive groups of 8-12 business professionals sharing their individual experience to help resolve the day to day challenges of business. A roundtable is not a forum for lead generation nor causal/social conversation.


  • Establish a confidential channel of communication to openly discuss private business matters.
  • Make better business decisions based on the groups combined experience
  • Cultivate strong business relations with fellow roundtable members


  • 8-12 industry exclusive business professionals from similar peer groups
  • Mission, Vision and values established by and unique to each roundtable group
  • Monthly Meeting time and location determined by each roundtable group

Current Roundtable Groups include:

President/CEO Roundtable

General Manager and Operations Roundtable

Women's Roundtable

Email Jess at for more information or to inquire about open opportunities!